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What to do about a bad review

I recently heard a story about a bike shop which, after a mechanic “suggested” to a customer that riding their mountain bike during mud season might not be optimal for the trails, received a scathing review on Facebook from the customer. The review was unfair, and after some private communications with the customer, was resolved...

It’s time to give better advice

CNBC recently shared a tweet with personal financial expert, Suze Orman, stating that buying coffee every day is like “peeing $1 million down the drain,” because, that money, when invested in a Roth IRA for 40 years would equal $1 million. The responses have been priceless: Buy nothing which brings you joy. Hoard your money...

Unhappy customers – They just won’t come back

Once upon a time, a client received complaints from customers about the paper in their new receipt printers. It was too flimsy. Considering the options for replacing the paper, I was struck by how invested a customer must be to complain about something as mundane as receipt paper. I have received some receipts I’ve been...

Quantity vs Quality – A real world test

“But, how often should I post?” is a question that has been asked countless times, in numerous blogs and conferences. And those looking for an easy answer are often frustrated. The statistics say more is better – here is one breakdown from Volusion sure to make your head spin: Facebook 1-2 times per day. HubSpot’s research found...

Does my financial institution care about me?

It has been a busy couple of months in the Brandt household as we took time to do some significant financial housecleaning. In the last four months, we have: Applied for, and opened, a new Home Equity Line of Credit at our primary financial institution Opened a new Health Savings Account at our primary financial...

What teaching my kids about their new accounts taught me

5 minutes after explaining to our 16-year-old son the importance of keeping track of his new debit card, he left for the mall – and left the card on the kitchen counter. Opening new checking and savings accounts for our children has been an eye-opening experience for me, both as a mother and a bank...

Breaking down enthusiasts, influencers & ambassadors

Kristin breaks it down the differences between brand ambassadors, influencers & enthusiasts.

Should your marketing have a message?

In light of the reactions to Gillette's new The Best a Man Can Be campaign, Kristin considers whether your marketing should have a "message."

Let’s Make Instagram Better

I recently started volunteering to support my summer camp's marketing & communication strategy, which has given me some time and opportunity to dig into Instagram, and I've come to one conclusion – we marketers can't have nice things.

Always Be Branding

Building brand recognition takes time - and resisting the temptation to "mix it up" - but with patience and consistency the results speak for themselves.
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