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Quantity vs Quality – A real world test

“But, how often should I post?” is a question that has been asked countless times, in numerous blogs and conferences. And those looking for an easy answer are often frustrated. The statistics say more is better – here is one breakdown from Volusion sure to make your head spin: Facebook 1-2 times per day. HubSpot’s research found...

Does my financial institution care about me?

It has been a busy couple of months in the Brandt household as we took time to do some significant financial housecleaning. In the last four months, we have: Applied for, and opened, a new Home Equity Line of Credit at our primary financial institution Opened a new Health Savings Account at our primary financial...

What teaching my kids about their new accounts taught me

5 minutes after explaining to our 16-year-old son the importance of keeping track of his new debit card, he left for the mall – and left the card on the kitchen counter. Opening new checking and savings accounts for our children has been an eye-opening experience for me, both as a mother and a bank...

Breaking down enthusiasts, influencers & ambassadors

Kristin breaks it down the differences between brand ambassadors, influencers & enthusiasts.

Should your marketing have a message?

In light of the reactions to Gillette's new The Best a Man Can Be campaign, Kristin considers whether your marketing should have a "message."

Let’s Make Instagram Better

I recently started volunteering to support my summer camp's marketing & communication strategy, which has given me some time and opportunity to dig into Instagram, and I've come to one conclusion – we marketers can't have nice things.

Always Be Branding

Building brand recognition takes time - and resisting the temptation to "mix it up" - but with patience and consistency the results speak for themselves.

Why my kids hate email

This weekend, I asked my 13-year-old daughter, and member of Generation Z, why she had a problem with email and I realized my kids are not the problem. The problem is us.

What we learned at the ABA Bank Marketing Conference

While we are still processing the deluge of information and ideas we received during the conference, here are some of our preliminary takeaways.

Have you Googled Your Business?

When left to its own devices, Google will rely on information provided to them by visitors – and visitors are becoming increasingly reliant on the information provided to them by Google My Business. How can you ensure the information is accurate?
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