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What to do about a bad review

I recently heard a story about a bike shop which, after a mechanic “suggested” to a customer that riding their mountain bike during mud season might not be optimal for the trails, received a scathing review on Facebook from the customer. The review was unfair, and after some private communications with the customer, was resolved...

Quantity vs Quality – A real world test

“But, how often should I post?” is a question that has been asked countless times, in numerous blogs and conferences. And those looking for an easy answer are often frustrated. The statistics say more is better – here is one breakdown from Volusion sure to make your head spin: Facebook 1-2 times per day. HubSpot’s research found...

Facebook Pages are Changing. Again.

Facebook is rolling out more changes – including a way for consumers and competitors to see what businesses are advertising, and a new look to Pages.

How to regain control of your Facebook posts

Facebook has introduced domain verification which makes it easier for businesses to edit links from their own site – as well as promises to protect your content by preventing misuse of your domain and keeping bad actors from spreading misinformation.

How to use stock photography

Stock photos. You know you hate them. And it's easy to see why – people in stock photos are too happy (particularly about things they are looking at together on their computer), too pretty, too stylish, and too sunny. But instead of fighting stock photography, let's instead explore ways to utilize it better.

Are you happy with your LinkedIn profile?

The irony of the idea that I am speaking regularly to clients about how their institution and their employees can utilize LinkedIn to promote their business is that I’m not entirely happy with my profile.

Can you organize inspiration?

Our stock and trade here at the agency is ideas. Big ideas for integrated, multi-channel campaigns. Small ideas for program ads and giveaways. And ideas of all sizes in between. But what inspires these ideas? The answer, of course, is everything. The trick is drawing on these sources of inspiration – you know, everything –...

Write once. Publish everywhere.

Whether we are authoring a newsletter article, newspaper editorial, or personal or professional blog, we write, it is assumed, because we want to be read. But how do we ensure that those who are most likely to be interested in our content can find it? Write it once. Publish everywhere. Of course “everywhere” is going...

Is your content Pin-able?

With Pinterest growing at an astounding, albeit slightly slowing rate, it’s critical for marketers to take a look at the social channel to determine if, and how, they can leverage the new opportunity to reach the site’s nearly 18.7 million users. For those unfamiliar, Pinterest is a free service which allows users to organize and...

Maximizing Your Digital Presence

On Sunday, September 23rd, Kristin Brandt will be joining Jason Kincy, Vice President, Marketing Director at Arvest Bank to conduct an interactive workshop designed to help attendees gain a clear understanding of what it takes to develop and coordinate a digital presence. The four-hour workshop leads into the American Bankers Association’s annual Marketing Conference ,...
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