Kristin Brandt

Why aren’t people opening accounts online?

We consider a recently released bit of data, and whether it brings us to the right conclusion.

What riding my bike inside taught me about gamifying banking

Kristin considers why games like Zwift work to get people to exercise and how gamification could be incorporated into another "boring but necessary" activity – banking.

How to use stock photography

Stock photos. You know you hate them. And it's easy to see why – people in stock photos are too happy (particularly about things they are looking at together on their computer), too pretty, too stylish, and too sunny. But instead of fighting stock photography, let's instead explore ways to utilize it better.

But why should I call you back?

According to SalesForLife, only 1% of cold calls actually result in meetings, and "around nine out of 10 of top-level B2B decision-makers simply do not respond to cold outreach." But each time I receive a message, I have to wonder where the real problem lies – is it with the business owner, or with the caller?

Behind the scenes at the PMC Safety Video

A recent video shoot in support of the Pan-Mass Challenge is a reminder that filming can be fun and exciting, as well as nerve-wracking, physically uncomfortable and time-consuming.

Why it’s okay to wait

The Equifax breach provides an important lesson that sometimes, even in the age of instantaneous communication, it's better to say nothing at all.

Google wants you to secure your site

Recently I received a message from Google, telling me that starting in October all visitors to using Chrome would be informed that our site was not secure. And it was not going to be a subtle warning.

How Facebook’s fight against fake news is changing Page posts

Under pressure to limit the fake news (and stop ticking off users), Facebook has "removed the ability for any Page to edit how a link appears. By removing the ability to alter link metadata (i.e. headline, description, image) from all link sharing entry points on Facebook, we are eliminating a channel that has been abused...

Making the most of every opportunity

Automated email messages and 404 pages are just the beginning of the day-to-day communications generated by most financial institutions and businesses – so next time you are looking at your ATM receipts, statements, email signature, business cards and other customer communications, consider how to do more to optimize the opportunity.

How do you hashtag?

How you hashtag is up to you – just remember to do your research, be strategic, be aware of the pitfalls, and don't assume every trending topic is right for your organization.
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