Kristin Brandt

How do you hashtag?

How you hashtag is up to you – just remember to do your research, be strategic, be aware of the pitfalls, and don't assume every trending topic is right for your organization.

Give Them Something Extra

Opening a package of tile samples from, I found something extra. . . a snack size pack of Mike & Ike. What does sour candy have to do with backsplash tile? Absolutely nothing – except that it caught me by surprise, injected a bit of joy and made a big impression.

Making the most of your content

By taking our time, thinking creatively, and utilizing almost all of our available channels, we were able to stretch this one piece of content out for several weeks, ensuring the maximum number of customers, partners and members of the cycling community had an opportunity to read the story.

Why I’m done with curated content

I have come to the conclusion that curated content is the social media equivalent of some energy bars – it will fill you up, but will do very little to help you in the long-term. Which is why, for the most part, I am done with curated content.

Looking back on a year of blogging

Recently, the Sundin Associates marketing blog, found under the category "Our Opinion," was awarded a Gold Davey Award by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA).

How to use canned content

A market for pre-written (or canned) content has been created, with businesses subscribing to receive access to a library of content that can be shared on social media. We looked at how organizations can use canned content to best support marketing and business strategies.

What color is your brand?

Color is an often underestimated, but important piece of any organization’s brand equity. Consider for a moment well-known brands and their associated colors – Target (red), John Deere (green), Wal-Mart (blue), UPS (brown).

Are you overusing exclamation points?

I love exclamation points. Or, I should say, I LOVE exclamation points! (!!!!!). I like to think it’s because exclamation points reflect my enthusiasm level, which generally hovers somewhere between medium and high on any given day. Take the statement “Happy Monday” – It’s just screaming for an exclamation mark. (Right?!?!?!?!) But, I can also...

Gone to the dogs

After the adoption of our new dog, Daisy, we started working with her trainer to ensure a smooth transition into our family. Between training drills we also got to talking about, you guessed it, marketing and advertising. Lead trainer, and owner of Chase K9 Services, Ryan admitted he needed help with his logo/branding, website, as...

ADA Compliance – More Questions Than Answers

While the US Department of Justice (DOJ) has delayed releasing new regulations pertaining to website accessibility under the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) until 2018, that has not stopped some law firms from filing suits against financial institutions, and others, for failure to comply with ADA standards. These lawsuits, as well as the release of...
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