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Admittedly, we don’t update this area nearly as much as we should – but that’s because we are spending most of our time working on projects for clients.

New high-tech business cards for The Village Bank

For years experts have declared the death of the business card – with the most recent round of headlines connecting the decline in usage to the rise in virtual events. But as we continue to come back together the question remains – do you need business cards?

In our opinion, the answer is yes but as with most things, not all business cards are the same.

A high-tech alternative

We recently worked with our client, The Village Bank, to roll out custom digital business cards from Linq. Each has a unique QR code which, when scanned, links to information about the cardholder which can be downloaded to a mobile device or accessed later. Through a central hub, the Bank is able to update and customize card information for each employee, as well as see usage information.

An enhancement, not a replacement

The new Linq cards are not a replacement for the Bank’s traditional printed card, but rather an enhancement to be used when appropriate, while also saving room in every employee’s wallet!