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Admittedly, we don’t update this area nearly as much as we should – but that’s because we are spending most of our time working on projects for clients.

New Commercials for Charles River Bank

Sundin Marketing produced three new video and radio spots for our client, Charles River Bank.

Bringing in voice-over artist Envy McKee to once again lend her talents to the Bank’s commercials, as well as using the same theme music as previous productions was a simple but effective way to maintain and build brand consistency. Carefully curated stock videos ensured the spots fit the Bank’s brand as well as its budget.

The three spots, which communicate the Bank’s retail and banking capabilities as well as reinforce messages of stability and security, are running on local cable and radio, as well as through streaming channels such as Spotify, Pandora, and TuneIn radio.

To view the rest of the new spots, as well as our other work, visit Sundin Marketing on Vimeo.