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Admittedly, we don’t update this area nearly as much as we should – but that’s because we are spending most of our time working on projects for clients.

Happy Holidays 2021

After last year’s virtual card, we decided to return to a traditional printed card to spread holiday cheer. As with each of our past cards, inspiration came from what was around us, this year that was our new office and the oversized “Lego” walls.

Through Firestar Toys, a UK-based online toy store, we purchased individual Lego mini-figs and accessories to represent each of our team members (some, admittedly, are more accurate than others). Having hired local photographer Tim Rice, who has a sub-specialty photographing toys including a Wonder Woman which hangs in Kristin’s office, to photograph the team, our design team pulled together the images, adding holiday flair with a gradient ribbon highlighting a quote from actor John Cleese.

The result is a card we were excited to send out as it captures the spirit of the season while making everyone smile.

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