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Admittedly, we don’t update this area nearly as much as we should – but that’s because we are spending most of our time working on projects for clients.

A new website for the Natick Center Cultural District

The Natick Center Cultural District (NCCD) is a non-profit with the mission to cultivate a lively and diverse downtown neighborhood by enhancing the cultural, economic, and social life of Natick. As former neighbors and long-time supporters, we were excited to work with the District to build its new website.

Art lives here…

The NCCD website serves as a hub for information related to upcoming events while also supporting local businesses and artists as well as nonprofits and community organizations. Highlights of the website redesign include:

  • Responsive, mobile-friendly layout
  • Reconfigured sitemap and navigation
  • Refreshed and reorganized content
  • Embedded Google maps highlighting District members as well as public art
  • Searchable calendar of events

Expanding the identity

The District’s logo provided challenges which we addressed with a new horizontal alternative that allowed for streamlined navigation. The colors of the logo were repurposed and utilized throughout the site to identify the primary content categories – Art, Shopping, Dining, & Events.

Natick Center Cultural District

Usability and Accessibility

Improving accessibility and usability was a high priority for the new website, with the goal of meeting or exceeding documented guidance for both.

Post-launch the site was awarded an A rating from GTmetrix, which measures how well the site is built for performance. Additional testing through Google’s PageSpeed Insights gave the new site a score of 97 out of 100 for accessibility.

What’s next

Post-launch, the site will continue to develop as we work with the NCDD and it’s partners to support and promote art and culture in Natick.