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Admittedly, we don’t update this area nearly as much as we should – but that’s because we are spending most of our time working on projects for clients.

A new website for the Depositors Insurance Fund

In 1934, less than one year after the creation of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), the Massachusetts legislature established the Depositors Insurance Fund (DIF), a private, industry-sponsored insurance fund that insures all deposit accounts above FDIC limits at its member banks.

News coverage of high profile bank failures has brought new attention to the unique combined insurance coverage afforded by the FDIC and the DIF, and with it, new traffic and focus on the Fund’s website. Having worked closely with, and developed the first website for the Share Insurance Fund of Massachusetts before it joined forces with the DIF, it was our pleasure to partner with the organization to launch its first new website in over a decade.

The new site features a modern, responsive design driven by a robust and flexible Content Management System. Photos were selected to highlight the many unique regions of Massachusetts that DIF member banks call home.

Computer screen showing DIF Home Page with Winchester pictured
Computer screen showing DIF About Us Page