Wrapping the Velo Studio van

When Kristin’s husband, Steve the Bike Guy, purchased a van for the Velo Studio, one thing was clear – it was going to be wrapped.

Using specifications provided by SpeedPro Imaging –Boston/Metrowest, we faced a few unique challenges, particularly due to the size of the van (the 2004 Nissan Quest is 17′ long and approximately 6′ tall). For budgetary reasons, we chose to wrap half the van, requiring our design include both the base color of the van, while avoiding looking like we cut the van in two.

The resulting eye-catching design – which was executed by the skilled team at SpeedPro, incorporates elements of the Velo Studio’s branding, but also logos from organizations sponsoring the Steve the Bike Guy Cyclocross Team – ensures Steve and the team won’t be missed while on the road or at a race!

Visiting SpeedPro during production allowed us to see how the pieces were produced and would come together!

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