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Why is your infographic so long?

By March 31, 2015 January 21st, 2019 No Comments

I, like many in the marketing communications world, am obsessed with infographics. And it’s easy to see why – with the average American’s attention span declining to 8 seconds (just behind a goldfish which can pay attention to something for 9 seconds), we are forced to find ways to transmit information quickly and efficiently.

And while infographics can be incorporated into projects of any shape or size (as in our recent annual report for Jewett City Savings Bank), the most popular appears to be tall and narrow.

What I have never understood about this trend is how difficult the layout choice can be for reading or reproducing (some of us still like to print things to read later). Take for example a infographic I found about entrepreneurship – at first glance it looks great, until I clicked on the image:

On screen infographic

This is how it appears in my sizable monitor.


And trying to print it? Forget about it:

Printed Infographic

Where is my magnifying glass?


Shorter infographics, such as this recent one supporting the ICBA’S Go Local campaign, are beautiful on the screen, and would make a great handout if they were more “printer friendly.”

ICBA Infographic

So how can we get our infographics to play nice? As much as we’d like to believe the internet allows us to break out of the box of standard page sizes, the truth is we are still living in a letter (or legal or tabloid) shaped world. So design your infographic as if it was going to go on a piece of paper, as with this flyer (now graphic) we created supporting the New England Financial Marketing Association’s new branding campaign:

NEFMA Think Aagain