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Why email marketing is “worth doing”

By August 20, 2020 August 25th, 2020 No Comments

Pity the poor email newsletter. Never has there been a tool more underappreciated and prone to dismissal by marketers and business owners alike.

You can blame the stats. Did you know more than 20% of marketing emails never make it to a “subscriber’s” inbox? (I use quotes because let’s face it, we didn’t sign up for most of what we receive). Or that an open rate of 25% or higher is considered great?

But the real culprit is likely our own experience, which is to say… We get too much email. Here are some “fun” facts about email:

  • 55% of workers agree that excessive emails prevent them from doing their primary job duties.
  • The average office worker receives around 121 emails each day.

Adding to our already overwhelmed inboxes was the noticeable increase in emails we received at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many from companies we didn’t know had our address to tell us about cleaning protocols we were not worried about because we were not planning on visiting.

So we dismiss email as ineffective and not worth using, even as we create content to share on channels with demonstrated declines in organic traffic (here’s another not-so-fun fact, this time from HootSuite, “on Facebook, the average reach of an organic page post hovers around 5.20%. That means roughly one in every 19 fans sees the page’s non-promoted content.”)

Suddenly 25% looks pretty good.

Let’s look at how that breaks down for actual content, shall we?

Below are stats from a quick campaign we created and ran over 10 days. As you can see, of the 978 visits we received to the client’s landing page, 930 were a result of an email newsletter. A newsletter, that “only” received a 28.6% open rate.

Admittedly, not every campaign performs this well, but the point is, without email marketing THIS campaign would be dead on arrival. Making email totally worth doing.

Campaign Highlights


Landing Page Views


Visits from Email Newsletter


Visits from Facebook

Email Newsletter Traffic


Total Sent
(99.1% delivery rate)


Unique Opens
(28.6% open rate)


Total Clicks
(5.35% click rate)

Facebook Traffic


Facebook Followers


Post Reach


Total Clicks