Welcome to the Natick Center Cultural District

Since moving to our current location, on the third floor of the former Natick Trust Company, over 16 years ago, we have watched downtown Natick grow and flourish as a center for cultural activity, culminating in the designation as a Cultural District in 2012.

Today, the Natick Center Cultural District connects neighbors, artists, businesses, and visitors through a year-round schedule of arts and cultural events.

Recently, we started working with our neighbors in the Cultural District as they introduced a new Welcome Center. Located in a building foyer on Main Street generously donated by a local landlord, our challenge was to brand the Welcome Center while also respecting tenants and visitors to the building.

For the outside of the building, we focused on maximizing the large windows facing Main Street so it can be easily seen by pedestrians and drivers. Working with Alltype Digital Graphics, we considered several material options with the goals of maximum visibility, minimal fading, and easy removal in the future.

Inside visitors to the Center are welcome to take materials from a brochure rack crafted for the Cultural District by a local artisan and to learn more about upcoming events, information from members as well as photos and videos from past events. Using the Cultural District’s color scheme to define types of content – Yellow (food); Blue (tours); Green (shopping); Red (events) – we created a series of templates which could be easily updated and uploaded to the screen.

As a communication and design agency, we certainly understand the importance of the arts, and consider ourselves fortunate to find ourselves working within this dynamic Cultural Center.