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Think no one is using IE? Think again.

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With Microsoft’s recent announcement the company will be phasing out Internet Explorer, many of my geekier friends and colleagues have asked. . . Is anyone still using the once popular browser?

Geek Girl wasn't the only one to ask.

Geek Girl wasn’t the only one to ask.

The answer, of course is yes. According to a report last year, 58% of the world’s online population uses Internet Explorer. Those of us in the banking industry know that many financial institutions not only use the browser internally, but list it as one of the few universally accepted by online banking providers.

Wells Fargo Supported Browsers

First on most lists of supported browsers? Internet Explorer

Reviewing the Google Analytics on several client sites, ranging in size from $300 million to over $4 billion, we see IE continues to lead when it comes to browsers used by visitors:

Sessions with IE browsers to Sundin Associates' client sites  range from 30% & 50%.

In January & February of 2015, sessions with IE browsers to Sundin Associates’ client sites range from 30% to 60%.

That’s not to say we are not seeing a shift away from IE in other sectors. As you can see, Chrome and Safari are the leading browser for

IE is still in play with over 10% of the visitor session.

In the past, we’ve been hesitant to force customers to the latest and greatest browser. But with Internet Explorer reaching the end of days, it’s time for financial institutions to work with their technology and online banking partners, as well as their customers and members, to ensure the transition from the popular browser goes smoothly.