Running with the BC Eagles

When The Village Bank had an opportunity to support the Boston College Eagles, we saw an opportunity the Bank could run with. The resulting video, which plays during BC football, basketball and hockey games, features the Bank’s iconic cupola getting as “animated” as the College’s high flying fans.

Meet Loretta and Henry

Approaching a new set of commercial spots for Charles River Bank, our goal was to tell stories that reinforced and supported the Bank’s tag line – Personal Connections. Powerful Solutions. We also wanted a format that was easy and cost-effective to reproduce and would allow us to create multiple videos from one testimonial. The result...

Going on camera? Look behind you.

Watching a “talking head” promote an upcoming conference, I was struck not by the quality of the content but instead, by the speaker’s environment. Specifically, it looked like he was recording the video from within a moving mobile home, complete with wood paneling and circa 1986 television screen. With interest in using video as a...