An ATM with a View

Visitors to The Village Bank’s new ATM are sure to get an eyeful! That’s because the walls of the vestibule are now covered in photography giving a birds-eye view of the neighborhood. The photograph was printed, and expertly installed, by our friends at Alltype Digital Graphics. (Thanks Alltype for the great pics!)

Women to Watch at Wellesley College

A staple New England institution with a long history of educating and empowering college-aged women, this year Wellesley College launched a new professional development program to support women of all ages. With an expected attendance of over 10,000 women, the Massachusetts Conference for Women was the perfect place to launch their new program, and they...

Welcome to the Natick Center Cultural District

Recently, we started working with our neighbors at the Cultural District as they introduced a new Welcome Center. Located in a building foyer on Main Street generously donated by a local landlord, our challenge was to brand the Welcome Center while also respecting tenants and visitors to the building.

The Luck of the Irish

Country Bank, is a regional leader in the commercial real estate lending business serving the New York City metro area that continues to be operated by the original founder and his family. Approaching its 30th anniversary, and deciding it needed a refreshed brand to take the organization into the future, the Bank turned to another...

Making New Branding Happen

During interviews with the team from First County Bank, we were challenged to create a theme that would capture their commitment to establishing strong, ongoing relationships with their clients.

Making Local Connections

Creating merchandising which supports the Bank's brand and reinforces the institution's history and connection to the Blackstone Valley.

Your Life. Your Bank.

In addition to refreshing the look of materials including advertising, merchandising and collateral, our goal was to move away from product-centered messaging by focusing on the role the Bank plays in the lives of their customers and members of the community.

Great ideas start (over) here

As client Level One Bank prepared to open their new Detroit office, they presented us with a unique problem – how to make sure people found their front door. The issue, as illustrated in the photos below, is that the door to the new office would be to the left of the building’s main entrance....