A Rebrand for a Lifetime

With expansion of the Credit Union’s field of membership to allow anyone who lives, works, worships, or attends school in the city of Methuen to join, it was time to reposition the Credit Union with the goal of welcoming a wider group of people.

Socks for Small Business Week

When First County Bank called looking to do something “cool” for Small Business Week, we knew just what they needed to do. Hand out socks. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. With just over five weeks to take a campaign from idea to execution, we wanted to come up with something that would inspire...

Women to Watch at Wellesley College

A staple New England institution with a long history of educating and empowering college-aged women, this year Wellesley College launched a new professional development program to support women of all ages. With an expected attendance of over 10,000 women, the Massachusetts Conference for Women was the perfect place to launch their new program, and they...

The Luck of the Irish

Country Bank, is a regional leader in the commercial real estate lending business serving the New York City metro area that continues to be operated by the original founder and his family. Approaching its 30th anniversary, and deciding it needed a refreshed brand to take the organization into the future, the Bank turned to another...

How to use stock photography

Stock photos. You know you hate them. And it's easy to see why – people in stock photos are too happy (particularly about things they are looking at together on their computer), too pretty, too stylish, and too sunny. But instead of fighting stock photography, let's instead explore ways to utilize it better.

New wheels for Mo

Wrapping a company vehicle can be a great way to raise awareness of your brand – but even the best wrap can show some wear and tear after a few years on the road and in the elements. That was the case for our client, MutualOne Bank.

Making an Executive Report Happen

This year, First County Bank's Executive Report had an additional mission – to help introduce the Bank's new branding & positioning statement . . . Let's Make It Happen.

Your Life. Your Bank.

In addition to refreshing the look of materials including advertising, merchandising and collateral, our goal was to move away from product-centered messaging by focusing on the role the Bank plays in the lives of their customers and members of the community.

Think outside Facebook’s 5 blocks

Here’s the thing about most financial advertising – it’s wordy. Beyond the snazzy headlines and sales copy, the ads are full of rates, terms and mandatory disclosures (also know as “mice type.”) The natural verboseness of these ads can cause some head scratching for those marketers and designers looking to communicate the same information through...

Great ideas start (over) here

As client Level One Bank prepared to open their new Detroit office, they presented us with a unique problem – how to make sure people found their front door. The issue, as illustrated in the photos below, is that the door to the new office would be to the left of the building’s main entrance....
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