athletic marketing

Always Be Branding

Building brand recognition takes time - and resisting the temptation to "mix it up" - but with patience and consistency the results speak for themselves.

A personal brand for a pro cyclist

In many ways, professional athletes need to brand themselves the same as any other business – the difference, of course, is there is very little, if any, separation between their personal brand and their professional brand.

New kits for the Bike Guy

Custom bicycle jerseys (or “kits”) can be an effective way for bike shops to turn customer enthusiasm into brand advocacy. But buying an inventory of jerseys, shorts and other items can be an expensive proposition. That was the major reason Kristin’s husband, Steve the Bike Guy, had held off on purchasing custom kits. Since opening...

A new look for AshLax

Having volunteered to help streamline my local lacrosse organization’s brand standards, it was our pleasure to help with the next phase of Ashland Lacrosse’s rebranding – new uniforms. Debuting this month, the new uniforms provided us with a few design challenges, including how to incorporate elements into uniforms for both boys and girls. We also...