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In 2017, Kristin joined Team Perry, a Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC) team with the mission to eliminate gastrointestinal cancers – which represent almost 1/4 of all new cancer diagnosis, and 1/3 of cancer deaths, each year – by funding research and treatment programs at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Started in 2001 by Melissa Jacoby after the loss of her husband Perry Levy to cancer of the small bowel, Team Perry has been a quiet force raising over $7 million and appointing a Fellow at the Gastrointestinal Cancer Center (GCC) at Dana Farber. In 2018, the Team was one of the top 10 PMC fundraising teams. And they did it all organically through the efforts of Melissa, her extended family, and the many riders that have joined them over the years – no website or coordinated digital or social media presence required.

But when WBZ-TV reached out to feature Team Perry, Melissa knew it was time to bring all the enthusiasm, stories and accomplishments together to take advantage of the increased exposure to support the efforts of the over 80 riders on the 2019 team, as well as raise awareness of the impact made by the Perry S. Levy Fund for Gastrointestinal Cancer Research at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.

Taking on the pro-bono project, our biggest challenge was how to organize the available content and tell the Team Perry story. In the end, we divided up the content into three categories – Our Story, Our Impact, and Our Team:

  • Our Story – The history of Team Perry including photos from the past, and information about the ongoing involvement of Perry and Melissa’s families.
  • Our Impact – Biographies of all the Fellows supported by the Perry S. Levy Fund, as well as links to articles and items related to research supported by the Fund.
  • Our Team – Links to individual fundraising pages as well as a growing archive of photos and videos from past years.

A secondary challenge was picking a color palette for the site. That’s because one tradition of the team is to wear a different, brightly colored team jersey each year on Day 1 of the PMC. Given that we would be featuring photos from past years throughout the site, what color would go with “everything”?

Members of Team Perry wearing kits from past years.

By using the same color palette as the PMC – red and black – we were able to compliment ALL the kits while strengthening the connection between the Team and the nation’s largest athletic-based fundraising ride. The new WordPress-driven website also features a responsive design, and the Team’s logo (designed by Melissa’s mom using Perry’s initials).

In addition to establishing a new Facebook and Instagram presence through which we are sharing links to individual fundraising pages leading up to the PMC, we created a new group on the social fitness network, Strava, allowing riders to connect and offer encouragement as they prepare for the 2-day, 200-mile ride.

We look forward to continuing to support Team Perry as they pedal closer to a cure for cancer.

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