Located in downtown Sherborn, a suburb of Boston, our office is a reflection of our Agency – comfortable, colorful, and creative.

Welcome to

Sundin Marketing

Even as we have embraced technologies that allow our team to work remotely, we believe in the importance of having a dedicated space where we can come together for collaboration, conversation, and camaraderie.

We get by with a little help

from our friends

Renovating and moving is not something we could do alone! Thank you to:

  • Our landlord at Sherborn Crossing for building a great space we could easily customize to meet our needs, and giving us extra time to start the redesign.
  • Lisa Barton for assisting with the space design and helping figure out how to make most of our furniture fit.
  • Craig Certner for creating the warm and wonderful palette of colors and finishes, and assisting with selecting fixtures.
  • Alltype Digital Graphics for the window and wall decals.