Stash McCash Goes Back to School

Calendar and Stickers

In the first academic calendar created for Jewett City Savings Bank, we incorporated an “inflated” version of the Bank’s financial mascot, Stash McCash, into stock colorings sheet scenes. For the second generation calendar, we were looking to give Stash a little more personality, as well as connect to local events and popular trends.

Working with illustrator and collaborator, Len Peralta, Stash didn’t just get a little personality, he became a character ready to jump off the pages of the calendar. Illustrations for each month reflect the season or events during the month – with special nods to “Meet the Teacher Day” in May and the local sunflower festival held each July. Within each month we included Bank-specific holidays (did you know Stash was born on May 15th?), local events and celebrations, and new savings tips from Stash himself.

Calendar Illustrations

When handing out the calendar at local events the Bank also includes a sheet of stickers which allows the children to customize their calendar with birthdays, practices and other events/days of note – including those days that were particularly great or troublesome.

Calendar Sticker Closeup

With the project completed, the next question is. . . where will we take Stash next?



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