Project Overview

What started as a project to move an existing WordPress-driven website to a new host, soon developed into a full website redesign as through the discovery process it was uncovered that much of the existing site depended on shared code and custom programming which could not move to the new hosting environment.

And, because the hosting contract was ending on a specific date, we were given 10 weeks to get the site built, populated, and launched.

Before and After

To minimize disruption and avoid customer confusion, The Savings Bank asked Sundin Marketing to develop a website that would feel familiar to visitors. With the new site, the navigation and color palette is similar to the original but also enhanced to improve the customer experience.

Colors and Photography

Stock photography was carefully curated to support the expanded color palette while also reflecting the diversity of the Bank’s diverse customerbase.

Maximizing Tools

Beyond adding new tools, including an accessibility toolbar and interactive calculators, we maximized the use of the Bank’s existing tools, incorporating informational videos from Beavercreek into product pages, navigation, and dedicated video information pages.

Social Proof

Content blocks on the home page and throughout the site reinforce the Bank’s position as a trusted, local bank working with neighbors.

Individual location pages further highlight customer reviews through embedded maps directly linked to the Bank’s Google My Business pages.

Back where we started

The Savings Bank’s new website was a homecoming of sorts, as Sundin Marketing was responsible for one of the Bank’s early websites, as evidenced by the screenshot below –, circa 2001 (complete with animated Netscape Now graphic).