Campaign Overview

For most of us, a bank is not where we belong. Instead, it is a means to an end. Support that allows us to be where we really belong – At home. At work. With family. With friends and neighbors. Lending a helping hand. Building a community. Building a future.

This was the thought process that drove our effort to reposition First County Bank’s existing tagline, “It’s where you belong.” After years of layering on additional themes, the goal was, in part, to get back to the core of the Bank’s branding story.

Through copywriting and photography, we repositioned the tag line “It’s where you belong” to diverge from the meaning “you belong at the bank”, to instead show how working with First County Bank allowed customers to “be” where they really belonged, at home, at work, with friends and family.


A video, created at the start of the pandemic, strengthened the repositioned branding, highlighting the importance of working with a community bank with the tools and experience to allow everyone to keep their families safe and their businesses running.

With carefully curation of photography and video, we were able to create a visual brand that involved a merge of real photos and stock photos.