“Moo” cards for MutualOne

Here’s the problem with the internet – while we can show you what the new business cards we designed for MutualOne look like, you can’t tell you what they “feel” like. And believe me when I say, they feel great.

That’s because the cards were printed through Moo.com, a vendor we used recently for our agency cards, both because it gave us the ability to print small quantities on demand, as well as Moo’s standard high quality paper, card size and finish (which the site describes as “silky”).

Behind the scenes, we worked with an account executive at Moo to establish a business  account within in which a template of our design was created. Using a database of employees we provided, Moo was able to quickly create over 75 employee business cards, which eventually yielded 7,400 cards – with some employees receiving as few as 50 cards, and others up to 200 cards.

And the best part? Through the new account, the Bank will be able to easily re-order business cards, or create new cards using the Moo-provided template.


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