Making New Branding Happen

During interviews with the team from First County Bank, we were challenged to create a theme that would capture their commitment to establishing strong, ongoing relationships with their clients, while also supporting their tagline “It’s Where You Belong,” and their role as a “Trusted Advisor” in Fairfield County Connecticut.

The proposed new theme – Let’s Make It Happen – was created to illustrate the Bank’s role as a partner to which local businesses, families and community organizations turn when they need solutions and support.

Creating the concept, we explored how the theme could be used both in a promotional capacity, as well as part of the Bank’s content marketing strategy as a framework for customers and community members to tell their stories in interviews and videos.

One of the most critical pieces of the branding roll out – new merchandising – included developing messaging that would fit a variety of sizes, recognizing that larger formats viewed from the street needed fewer words, while we had more room for an explanation on counter cards.

The result is a clean design with an expanded color palette which offers First County Bank the flexibility to promote a variety of products and services while strengthening their position as a partner where neighbors “belong.”

Pictured below: An office mock-up of the new merchandising allows for everyone to evaluate the potential impact of the new campaign.
Fake Office







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