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Keeping up with Mastercard®’s brand update

By November 15, 2017 January 23rd, 2019 No Comments

MasterCardHave you noticed something different about Mastercard?

In 2016, the financial services corporation updated their brand identity in order to “simplify, modernize and optimize for an increasingly digital world.” The updates included shifting the capitalized letters to lowercase, and updating the iconic red and yellow circles.

With the rollout in full swing, here’s what financial institutions and others displaying the Mastercard brand mark need to know:

  • While the logo uses all lowercase letters, in writing it’s “big M, little C” (Mastercard not MasterCard).
  • Current Mastercard credit and debit cards do not need to be re-issued, and financial institutions can use plastic in inventory, incorporating the new brand mark when it’s time to reorder.
  • Digital images of the cards, including cards in digital wallets, can be updated anytime, but no later than when the corresponding plastic is updated.
  • All online and digital channels displaying the brand mark should be updated at the earliest opportunity in the regular course of business.
  • New marketing materials, acceptance decals, and communications should include the new brand mark.

To make it easy for card issuers, the new branding guidelines, as well as artwork and card design specifications, can be found in the Mastercard brand center.

If you’re a marketing nerd like us, you can read more about the process Mastercard went through when developing their new branding system, or watch the video tracking the brand’s identity evolution.