Women to Watch at Wellesley College

A staple New England institution with a long history of educating and empowering college-aged women, this year Wellesley College launched a new professional development program to support women of all ages.

With an expected attendance of over 10,000 women, the Massachusetts Conference for Women was the perfect place to launch their new program, and they turned to Sundin Associates for help standing out at the popular event, as well as engaging attendees who stopped by in a unique and memorable way.

Inspired by Instagram trends of custom photo walls and motivational words, we suggested transforming their display space with a hedge wall and custom signage encouraging attendees to “Be a Woman to Watch” at Wellesley College.

To encourage women to take and share photos both in, and outside, the booth, we created a “Selfie Spot” floor so attendees would know the perfect place for a pic, as well as a button to wear, and declare, “I’m a Woman to Watch.”

Additionally, we created banners and collateral material designed to highlight the Professional Development Program, as well as the College’s Summer schedule, and handouts to invite attendees to the booth.

Reports from the event were that the launch, and the hedge wall, were a “huge success” – and while we are sad we missed the conference, we loved knowing we had a part in launching this new program to empower women.

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