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Don’t forget the outtakes

By November 10, 2015 January 21st, 2019 No Comments

With each video project we complete, I always encourage our clients to consider adding time for production of a short outtakes reel – a compilation of the unscripted, spontaneous moments that inevitably happen during filming.

There can be some hesitancy to pulling back the curtain on video production – many years ago, I remember someone telling me they never had outtakes because “their productions were perfect.” I’d say I’d like to be on hand for that filming session, but it actually sounds like it would be pretty boring.

Outtakes aren’t about showing the worst side of our subjects, they are about showing the humanity.

Take for example the outtakes reel from our recent collaboration with Charles River Bank and Good Natured Dog Productions. In this four-minute video we don’t see the mistakes – we see the camaraderie, the nervousness, the silliness the laughter, and the tears. In short, we see the people.

Of course, producing an outtakes reel isn’t as simple as just pulling together a series of silly moments. The best tell their own story through the outtakes. For Charles River Bank, we highlighted potential outtake moments during the transcripting, then took those snippets and looked for ways to pull them together in a way that flows from start to finish.

Outtakes are an easy, and affordable, way to extend your story – so next time you are producing videos, don’t forget the outtakes.