Counting the Days with Stash McCash

As students and parents prepared for the start of the school year, many in Eastern Connecticut were turning the last page on their Stash McCash academic calendar.

With our support, Jewett City Savings Bank was ready with the latest edition of the popular coloring calendar featuring their financial education mascot.

The process starts with coming up with ideas for each month’s illustrations. Once again, illustrator Len Peralta took our ideas and ran with them, giving Stash McCash life and a ton of personality. Enhancing the calendar is a year’s worth of new savings tips, financial events such as America Saves Week and fun “holidays.” (Do you know when National Sticker Day is?)

In addition to physical copies for events and in the branch, we also worked with the Bank to make the calendar available as a download on their website. 

With the 2nd generation Stash McCash calendar completed, our thoughts have already turned to next year’s theme, which was inspired by some of this year’s illustrations. Can you figure out what it will be?

Sketches based on ideas submitted by the Agency to Len.
Final inked versions are ready for inclusion in the calendar.
Len’s illustrations give Stash his unique personality.
Focused on savings each month – with special attention in April.
Stash McCash Colored In
Breaking out the pencils and giving it a test run!
Making the calendar available on their website.

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