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Maximizing Your Personal Brand at Massachusetts Women in Banking Conference

At the 7th Annual Massachusetts Bankers Association’s Women in Banking conference, Kristin will be sharing insight and advice with attendees on how to use social media to maximize their personal brand. Studies show that a strong personal brand can improve not only sales and performance but also employee satisfaction and retention. In her session, attendees...

Quantity vs Quality – A real world test

“But, how often should I post?” is a question that has been asked countless times, in numerous blogs and conferences. And those looking for an easy answer are often frustrated. The statistics say more is better – here is one breakdown from Volusion sure to make your head spin: Facebook 1-2 times per day. HubSpot’s research found...

Controlling Your Digital Content

At the last ABA Marketing Conference, Kristin was invited to sit down with ABA SVP, Shelly Loftin, to discuss digital content, and local search. Now you can listen in to their conversation! Controlling Your Digital Content Podcast Interview with Kristin Brandt One of the greatest benefits of digital marketing is that it has a huge...

Women in Banking in Wisconsin

This April, Kristin will be joining an all-star lineup of women including Executive Coach, Sarah Noll Wilson, and “Girl Banker” Natalie Bartholomew, at the Wisconsin Bankers Association’s Women in Banking Conference. During her session, Kristin will be sharing her experiences and insights as a working mother, business owner and amateur athlete looking to keep her...

What teaching my kids about their new accounts taught me

5 minutes after explaining to our 16-year-old son the importance of keeping track of his new debit card, he left for the mall – and left the card on the kitchen counter. Opening new checking and savings accounts for our children has been an eye-opening experience for me, both as a mother and a bank...

Breaking down enthusiasts, influencers & ambassadors

Kristin breaks it down the differences between brand ambassadors, influencers & enthusiasts.

Should your marketing have a message?

In light of the reactions to Gillette's new The Best a Man Can Be campaign, Kristin considers whether your marketing should have a "message."

Storytelling in Seattle

This March, Kristin will be joining speakers at the Washington Bankers Association’s Marketing Conference to speak on the topic of storytelling and content marketing. During this session, Kristin will look at how these stories differ from other types of content, how to best tell a story, how to re-purpose a story for different platforms and...

Sundin named the best in Connecticut

Thank you to the readers of The Commercial Record for selecting Sundin Associates as the Best Bank Advertising/Marketing Firm in Connecticut for the fourth consecutive year.

Spreading a Little Kindess

This year's holiday card was inspired by the idea that little things, like a kind comment or compliment, can make a big difference.
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