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Why my kids hate email

This weekend, I asked my 13-year-old daughter, and member of Generation Z, why she had a problem with email and I realized my kids are not the problem. The problem is us.

What we learned at the ABA Bank Marketing Conference

While we are still processing the deluge of information and ideas we received during the conference, here are some of our preliminary takeaways.

Have you Googled Your Business?

When left to its own devices, Google will rely on information provided to them by visitors – and visitors are becoming increasingly reliant on the information provided to them by Google My Business. How can you ensure the information is accurate?

Why I won’t read your email (or, why you shouldn’t buy email lists)

Kristin contemplates recent plumbing-related solicitations and how they perfectly illustrate why cold email doesn't work.

Facebook Pages are Changing. Again.

Facebook is rolling out more changes – including a way for consumers and competitors to see what businesses are advertising, and a new look to Pages.

Do you set your “out of office” message?

For Kristin, the answer is yes if she is truly not going to be responding to an email in a timely fashion (as in a few days, not a few hours). But in those cases when she is working, but not in the office, either at a conference or visiting a client, the answer is...

Why I won’t call you back (a real world example)

Breaking down a recent cold call received, Kristin wonders – is the problem with the call or the caller?

But is it a blog?

Preparing to teach this year's Content Marketing class at ABA Bank Marketing School, I found myself reflecting on the nature of most business & bank blogs, and whether they are, in fact, blogs.

ADA Compliance – Where We Stand

With regulations still pending, banks and credit unions are in a funny place when it comes to ADA compliance – do they dedicate resources towards bringing their sites and related technology in-line with (WCAG) 2.0 AA standards, or do they "wait and see" and risk litigation?

Why aren’t people opening accounts online?

We consider a recently released bit of data, and whether it brings us to the right conclusion.
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