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Boot Your Bank in the Spotlight

By April 11, 2013 October 1st, 2019 No Comments

Readers of  ABA Bank Marketing Magazine might be surprised by the “no holds barred” nature of the message featured in this month’s Idea Bank.

Surprise was the minimum reaction we were hoping for when developing the “Boot Your Bank” campaign for United Bank. Challenged with cutting through the clutter of a new and highly competitive market area where the Bank had little-to-no name recognition, we were looking to shake things up with a message that would raise eyebrows and capture the attention of customers.

Through the creative concept process, we collected ideas, influences, current events, and advertising trends at the time into a series of vision boards leading to the statement – Your bank is famous for crummy service, outrageous fees, rip-offs, glitches, and screw-ups – and call to action to “give them something back.”

Whatever competitors may have thought of the campaign, the results spoke for themselves with the Bank gaining both name recognition and market share.