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Behind the scenes at the PMC Safety Video

By October 30, 2017 December 6th, 2019 No Comments

From TV and radio spots to historical “documentaries” and interviews for websites, we regularly ask employees of client banks & credit unions to sit in front of a microphone or camera. Beyond the fact that most people don’t like to speak in public (according to one site, 74% suffer from speech anxiety), none of these employees are professional actors or public speakers – which means the process can be nerve wracking, physically uncomfortable and time-consuming.

I was thinking about this recently when I stepped from behind the scenes to join a group of spandex-clad volunteers to help film a new rider safety video for the Pan-Mass Challenge. The video, which is shown during rider orientations, is used to help demonstrate the do’s (and don’ts) when riding, particularly in a large group.

Over the course of five hours, we rode 7+ miles without actually going anywhere, traveling back and forth (and back and forth, and back and forth) on the same road, helping Glenn from Snowcap Video Solutions capture all of the material he would need while editing. In between takes we sought out the sunshine, trying to stay warm on a chilly, fall day.

We also recreated an accident scene, which I’m sure startled a few of the neighbors, and provided feedback to our good-natured director on some of the tips and content. During filming we each commented that for a moment we forgot how to clip into our pedals, weren’t sure “how” to stand (or pretend to talk on a telephone – my role during the accident scene), or were overthinking riding our bikes.

For our final scene, we finally got to stretch our legs, riding down a stretch of road while trying to avoid gawking at the drone that was following overhead!

On a day when many in our area were wearing green in honor of Devin Suau, a young boy taken from his family by DIPG, an aggressive form of pediatric brain cancer, supporting the PMC was an amazing and rewarding experience.

It was also a reminder of what we ask of our clients each time we put them in front of the camera.

You can check out the video on Vimeo or by visiting the PMC website.

Click to watch the PMC video