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Are you overusing exclamation points?

By November 10, 2016 January 23rd, 2019 No Comments

I love exclamation points. Or, I should say, I LOVE exclamation points! (!!!!!). I like to think it’s because exclamation points reflect my enthusiasm level, which generally hovers somewhere between medium and high on any given day. Take the statement “Happy Monday” – It’s just screaming for an exclamation mark. (Right?!?!?!?!)

But, I can also admit, that one can go too far with exclamation marks, making them the punctuation equivalent of writing in all caps, when enthusiasm becomes yelling.

So how many exclamation points are the right number? Some will say, particularly when writing for business, you should never use an exclamation point, and instead should rely on the sentence structure and selected words to convey excitement. Clearly I’m not in agreement, but I do believe in taking a Coco Chanel strategy for limiting exclamation points – where she advised taking one last look in the mirror and removing one accessory, I would suggest giving your copy one last look and removing most of the exclamation points.

Still need help? Check out this flowchart from the pros at HubSpot which does a great job of illustrating when you should (and should not) use an exclamation point.

Hubspot Exclamation Point Chart

Image credit: Hubspot