Senior Art Director

Bill Orsini

Bill’s history with Sundin Associates dates back to the agency’s early days in Boston. He joined the company in 1977 with a degree from the New England School of Art and Design, which is now part of Suffolk University.

He was named senior art director in 1985 and was instrumental in helping to transition the company from its “creative shop” beginnings to a steadily evolving “in house” agency equipped to meet client needs economically, effectively and efficiently.

Bill maintains overall responsibility for graphic quality assurance, closely following projects from the idea stage to product execution and delivery. He is responsible for all of the creative work assigned to the agency’s design team.

Bill’s keen eye for design and natural talent is also evident in the photos and oil or acrylic paintings he fashions in his off-hours. Many of his paintings have been on exhibit, and several are in private collections.