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A fairly fuzzy photo op.

Where have all the words gone? From social media sites’ photo-friendly algorithms to icon-laden instructions, one thing is for sure – the communications landscape is now dominated by visuals, which means for marketers, integrating more images into your messaging is a must.

However, this push for aesthetic appeal has also turned out to be a catalyst in a fuzzy-photo pandemic.

Paying a price
Purchasing a pricey car will not make you a better driver – the same is true for cameras. Many less than experienced individuals believe a top of the line camera will ensure a perfect picture, but are often left with a series of less than top quality photos. Conversely, a lower quality camera in the hands of an experienced photographer can produce stellar results.

For those looking to invest in a moderately priced camera, two good options are the Nikon Coolpix P300 and the FujiFilm XQ1.

But, before heading to Amazon to start rifling through reviews, don’t overlook the camera in your pocket! Your smartphone is capable of producing high quality images, and is a tool you’re undoubtedly more comfortable using.

Business Insider offers up advice in an easy to follow iPhone photo tutorial to help you get the most out of your camera app. And if you’re snapping with your Samsung S4, check out Cnet ‘s guide for taking better pics.

Digital display
Gone are the days of the dark room, and its series of solution-filled trays and drip-drying photos in development. After snapping a photo with your digital device, take a moment and peek at the result to ensure your subject appears as it should, looking out for closed eyes, awkward poses or shadows. Often disregarded as a troubleshooting tool, editing on the go allows you to tweak your subject or settings in real time for better results.

Think big picture
…literally and figuratively. Avoid “web” or thumbnail selections, and set your camera to take large, hi-resolution photos. Remember, images can be sized down, but not “sized up.” If your next set of photos are only intended for use on your website, opt for the hi-res option. The image quality will afford your more versatility and thus the option of utilizing images across both digital and print media.

If you’re looking for additional assistance behind the camera, check out our previous piece on photography basics.

Sharper photo of Mike with the Super Savers.

Sharper photo of Mike with the Super Savers.