A personal brand for a pro cyclist

In many ways, professional athletes need to brand themselves the same as any other business – the difference, of course, is there is very little, if any, separation between their personal brand and their professional brand. This was the conversation we had internally as we looked to support professional cyclist, Ellen Noble, create her personal/professional brand.

Our work started with conversations with Ellen who had a clear vision of the type of icon – a rose, reflecting her middle name – she was looking to utilize in her brand. A vision board, which incorporated elements from Ellen’s social media channels; other athlete brands including some of Ellen’s favorites, and information about how the logos may be utilized, allowed the team to get up to speed and helped inspire the design process.

Examples of other logos and kits

Ultimately, we wanted to create an identity that would reflect all facets of Ellen’s personality, and would grow with her as she progressed in the sport. Through several rounds of revisions, we refined the design to one that resonated with Ellen, and began to incorporate it into select materials including her website, which we helped reorganize and prepare for easy updates by Ellen and her team.


Ellen Noble's home page
A widget on the home page allows Ellen to easily (and automatically) update her website with new photos from Instagram.

As an athlete, Ellen’s collateral requirements include items that are unique to professional athletes including rider cards (used for autograph seekers) and giveaways which are created by her team. It was great to see the logo translated into stickers and decals.


Most recently, we spotted the logo just as we always imagined it – on Ellen’s bike, covered in mud, at the US Cycling Cyclocross Championship, which she rode to capture the U23 title.

Photo credit: BikeRumor.com

There is no question that Ellen’s career is just beginning – we are looking forward to seeing where she, and her rose, go!






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