A new website for Walpole Co-operative Bank

As a platform-neutral website developer – meaning we work on websites where, and with partners, selected by the financial institutions – no website redesign is the same, and each provides us the opportunity to partner with various organizations.

This summer, we’ve been working with Fiserv to launch a new website for Walpole Co-operative Bank. Our role was to help the Bank evaluate their current site and determine priorities for the new site; review and select from available tools; prepare guidelines to ensure brand consistency; develop content for the site, and provide support to the Bank as we prepared for launch.

Utilizing one of Fiserv’s Express Templates and Content Management System, the new website features a modern, responsive design, that supports the Bank’s branding, new interactive calculators from KJE Computer Solutions, and meets WCAG 2.0 AA standards based on a review using the WAVE tool.


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