A new website for the Bike Guy

As Steve the Bike Guy approached the 5th anniversary of opening the Velo Studio in Sherborn, it was time to clean up the workshop, and his website.

Visitors to the site will notice several big changes, including larger images, new navigation and the vibrant palette utilized in all of Steve’s branding including kits (jerseys and shorts for the non-cyclist) and the Velo Studio van.

But before we got to the design, our first step was to evaluate the content, of which there was plenty, some harkening back to his days as a mobile bike mechanic.

Out-dated content was removed, while other pages were consolidated to allow visitors to find information more quickly with fewer clicks. News, reviews and other blog posts, of which there were over 600, were reviewed to ensure content was up-to-date, and if not, were updated or unpublished.

To minimize disruption and “page not found” errors, we created a database mapping the top trafficked pages on the site. Traffic to other pages and missing posts were sent to a custom Error page featuring, what else, a bicycle crash.

New content was also created, including a more robust “about the Bike Guy” page featuring Steve and the rest of the “team” (his family).

The result is a bright new site, ready to celebrate 5 years of bike service (with more to come).

Sometimes a simple sketch is the best way to get a site started.

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